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Nooriik is the premier Real Estate Agent website platform integrated with IDX so you can display properties from the MLS to keep your visitors from leaving your site and going to a competitor.

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We've discovered that Real Estate Agents leveraging Nooriik convert leads into listings 7x more effectively compared to traditional broker sites, resulting in listings that yield 2.5x higher profits than the average.

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generated by members…

than custom WordPress sites…

on Nooriik leads than non-Nooriik leads…

Nooriik eliminates the guesswork in online marketing, allowing you to concentrate on your core expertise: real estate.

Getting your website noticed online is a lot of work, and can get really expensive. And once you’ve maxed out your marketing budget with PPC advertising and a fancy website, how many of your leads turn into listings or buyers?

It’s competitive out there, and it’s time to make your website work for you. Norriik sites are built to make search engines happy and optimized to convert more traffic into leads. This puts your website at the top of organic search results, and in front of the most qualified leads in your market.

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Nooriik helps you beat out the competition and build authority in your market.

SEO-friendly sites that capture and convert inbound leads

Whether you know it or not, your website is actually speaking to two very different audiences: search engines and potential leads. Nooriik sites are built to be found by search engines so you can outrank your competitors — while giving your prospects the information they need about you.

One central hub for all your marketing efforts.

Marketing shouldn’t be left to trial and error, or require you to constantly spin your wheels. Nooriik brings all your marketing together in one place so you can see what’s working and what’s not, while giving you the tools and resources you need to build an evergreen marketing strategy that helps leads find you — not the other way around.

Find your niches with unlimited pages for unlimited targeting.

The market is saturated — you’re competing with other agents, ibuyers, big tech (with deep pockets). To reduce your competition, your targeting needs to get more granular. With unlimited pages on your Nooriik site, you can niche down lower than the city level to break through the clutter and attract the right leads.

Nooriik gives you the tools you need to break through the clutter online, so you can start attracting and converting more leads.

Nooriik + IDX.

Stop losing your potential buyers to sites like Zillow by adding MLS listings directly to your Nooriik site. Give your prospects the viewing experience they want, so they spend more time browsing and less time bouncing.

It’s time to break free of your sbroker-provided site.

How hard is your brokerage-provided site working for you? It may be free, but is it helping you stand out in your market and build online authority to generate consistent — and qualified — leads?

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